March 22, 2013

TRICON 2013 Promo Short, page 3

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The third and final page to the Tri-State Comic Con 2013, held on April 6th, at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, West Virginia.
A little information regarding the event for this year, it falls around spring break, and Marshall University students and other folks may be attending to the show, so this year is obviously going to be bigger than last year's TRICON. And hopefully I will be as thrilled to see how many attendees will be seeing me and all the other comics creators showing their stuff and talking to fans. Should there be an auction, I will throw in the original pages plus and original piece I have done from last year to give out.
I thought I'd make this 3-page promotional comic because I thought it would help further my presence in the comics world, even though I tend to be less so, but I still enjoy what I love to do and not have anyone tell me otherwise, because I made a comic that tells a story, and it's not all perfect or "pro quality", I just like comics and I like making them, and tell stories and joke around with them. That's all good for me.

Again, I will be at TRICON 2013 in Huntington on April 6, and if you are in the area or are going to attend from afar, come see me and my friends Evan and Nathan of Support Group, I will be glad to see you as well.
Idiotic Invasion part 2 comes out April 8, so until then, have a good one!